Yet another great way to use your Instant Pot.  Preparing potatoes in the Instant Pot allows you to easily and quickly make potatoes with less hassle than cooking them on the stove.

First you will want to prepare your potatoes by cleaning them thoroughly and removing any areas that aren’t so desirable.  If you  prefer peeled potatoes for your recipe, this is the time to get them peeled!

Next you will want to make sure that the potatoes are all about the same size. If using baby potatoes, this may mean you have to cut some of them in half. If you are using large potatoes, like Russet potatoes, you will want to cut them in 4-6 pieces (think chunks of about 1-1/5 inches squared.)

Once they are all clean and cut to about the same size, you will place them on top of the wire tray inside your Instant Pot. Pour about 1 cup of water, or broth if desired, over the top of the potatoes.

Secure your Instant Pot lid and close the valve.  Set to manual mode for 10 minutes.  Once the time goes off you will want to let the potatoes sit for 5 minutes (for a bit of a firmer potato, for potato salad type, or up to 10 minutes if you plan on mashing the potatoes).  Do not allow the potatoes to sit in the steam longer than 10 minutes, you will end up with too soft of potatoes.  Manually release the stem now.

Remove the potatoes and use as desired.

Check out the video on Youtube for some visual instruction!